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Basic unit on trolley SLB 125

The unique SLB 125 3in1 busbar center guarantees effortless cutting, punching and bending of copper busbars up to 125 x 13 mm (4"x1/2"). Ideal for the switchgear work shop or at site the base unit transforms into a cutting, punching or bending machine within seconds.
Performance is comparable with stationary copper busbar machines, e.g. cutting of a 120 x 10 mm (4 3/4"x 3/8") copper busbar, in just 6 sec.. Punching of copper busbars is quick, effortless and without any pre-marking of the busbar. Fixed or adjustable guide plates will allow instant punching of common switchgear hole pattern. For bending of copper busbars a broad range of bending accessories will allow tight and specific bending curves as requested in modern switchgear and circuit breakers. Even processing of flexible copper busbar is possible with great safety and cutting edge quality.

Busbar fabrication from a single mould:

Precise, simple and quick.




    • especially robust and stiff frame
    • lightning-swift tool changes with a minimum of manipulation
    • very high quality cutting, bending and punching
    • the 150 bar low-pressure system ensures a long service life and very fast cycle times
    • busbars bent accurately up to 120° – very accurate reproducibility of the set angle
    • for busbars up to 125 x 13 mm
    • accessories for flexible busbars available

Technical specifications

Height 1,145 mm
Depth 750 mm
Width 750 mm
Weight 180 kg
Operating pressure 150 bar
Force 180 KN
Power rating 1~ 230 V/50 Hz
Voltage 0.75 KW
Cutting max. max. 125 x 13 mm 250 N/mm2
Punching max. max. Ø 6 bis 21 mm
Bending max. max. 125 x 13 mm 250 N/mm2

SLB 125 Kombigerät 3 in 1 Complete System Ref.No. 39659

Power Pack HA3 Ref.No. 33340
Cutting Tool Ref.No. 31242
Bending Tool Ref.No.31243
Punching Tool Ref.No. 30980
Guiding Plate Ref.No. 31890
Tool insert  9.0 mm dia Ref.No. 31161090
Tool insert  11.0 mm dia Ref.No. 31161110
Tool insert  14.0 mm dia Ref.No. 31161140
SLB 125 Basic unit on trolley Ref.No. 40070


Large-Step-Bending-Tool Ref.No. 31646
For quick and 100 % parallel step bends on up to 120 x 10 mm busbars. 
Step = 37 mm wide and 25 mm high.

Small-Step-Bending-Tool Ref.No. 31425
For quick and 100 % parallel step bends on up to 80 x 8 mm busbars.
Step = 21 mm wide and 18 mm high.

Supplementary-Bender-SLB Ref.No. 31636

The L-Bending-Tool will allow short “L”-bends with only 25 mm leg.
SLB 125 standard setup will allow 45 mm as shortest leg.


Special-U-Bender Ref.No. 42430
Tight U-bends are often a problem on multi-purpose copper busbar machines. With our special U-Bending-Tool you can bend your copper busbar as tight as 60 mm (2.4") inside. With this very tight copper busbar geometry your switchgear will always be "in shape".

Cutting Cartridge Ref.No. 45445

For cutting flexible copper busbars up to 120 x 10 x 1 mm our brand new SLB 125 Cutting Cartridge is available.

With this all new cartridge cutting becomes easy, safe and of outstanding quality. The problematic copper sawing and related dust and chips are a thing of the past. Regardless of cutting insulated or stripped copper bars, subsequent processing will be trouble free. For punching flexible busbar we recommend using the special punching dies including stripper plate.



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