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The smart dieless system, developed and patented by Novopress, enables high quality crimps for various makes of cable lugs and sleeves without changing any dies. The HP-Series ensures continual operational readiness, safety and efficiency, on crimps with various cross sections in random order. Compressions will comply with VDE-Standard 0220, NF C 63-061 and SEN 245012.

Dieless, stressless, universal

Crimping heads of the Novopress HP-Series are primarily used in a production- or workshop- environment. Extremely short cycle times highest safety standards and the dieless crimping technology, will make each HP crimping head the ideal production tool. The smart dieless system, secures a constant quality crimp, throughout the cross section range. Changing dies is obsolete throughout the cross section range from 10-95 mm2. Within 3 seconds only, various makes of cable lugs or sleeves will be crimped with perfection.



Weight 3,0 kg
Length 350 mm
Diameter 65 mm
Operating pressure 150 bar
Force 59 kN
Cross section Cu 10 - 95 mm2



    • Integrated crimp control
    • No additional die cost
    • Dieless compression 10-95 mm2


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